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(2/-1) GUESS ON, GUESS ON, GUESS--Changes the College Board made to this exam in 2016 include making the essay optional and eliminating wrong answer penalties, so guess on!7811
(4/-2) B-O-K (The correct response begins with B, has an O somewhere, and a K somewhere after that)--On a 60s TV show, fictional celebrity Stony Curtis comes to this place to shoot a film.42731
(6/-3) WHEATLEY--Poet Phillis Wheatley wrote that "Negros, black as" this figure from Genesis, "May be refin'd and join th'angelic train."391031
(8/-4) MASTER CONE--To find the volume of a cone, multiply the base area by the height, then divide by this whole number.511316
(10/-5) ONTARIO QUIZ(ZER)--This Ontario city on Lake Superior, with population over 100,000, is a major grain storage and shipment site.351035

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