The "Naked" and the "Dead"

By Woof. Each correct response will contain one of those two words.

(3/-1) Originally known as The Warlocks, this band chose their new name in 1965 from a random dictionary entry8412
(6/-2) This is the maritime practice of calculating one's current position using a previous location, speed, elapsed time and course56229
(9/-3) This steamy 1969 bestseller by "Penelope Ashe" was later revealed to be a literary hoax written by 24 journalists15468
(12/-4) This 1991 Kenneth Branagh film starring Emma Thompson was a romantic fantasy and mystery23163
(15/-5) This ugly burrowing rodent, native to East Africa, was named "vertebrate of year" by Science magazine in 2013 for its value to cancer researchers 70215

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