The Mahabharata

By ihavejeoprosy. This category is about the great Indian epic.

(3/-1) The Mahabharata is focused on the Kurukshetra battlefield, located near this modern world capital.7844
(6/-2) The chakravyuh was a lotus-shaped one of these; Roman soldiers used a testudo or tortoise one.105125
(9/-3) According to legend, the sage Vyasa dictated the Mahabharata to Ganesha, a deity with the head of this animal.74111
(12/-4) This sacred Hindu text is the speech that Krishna narrates to Arjuna about one's duty and 'dharma'.36743
(15/-5) Arjuna is the son of this Hindu god who--analogous to Zeus--is the god of gods in the Hindu pantheon.83642

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