"Tam" O'Shanter

By Clue Jungry. Each correct response will have the letters T-A-M in consecutive order (not necessarily at the beginning).

(3/-1) This Mexican dish, made with meats and cheeses rolled in cornmeal, is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaves8700
(6/-2) Approximately 70 million people speak this, an official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore7719
(9/-3) In a No. 1 song from 1965, The Byrds asked this title person to “play a song for me”8205
(12/-4) Going to a tea ceremony in Tokyo? You might sit on this type of straw flooring, from the Japanese for “pile up”49434
(15/-5) Home stadium of the reigning Premier League champs, or a 1066 British battle that ended a Norwegian invasion31353

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