You asked for it

The categories were taken from player requests and combined for the five clues in this category.

(2/-1) ARCHERY IN FOLKLORE & OPERA--The subject of an opera, this expert at the crossbow, in addition to his more famous feat, also killed the despotic Gessler.8601
(4/-2) 90s POP MUSIC CELEBRITY BIRTH NAMES--Shawn Corey Carter is the real name of this rapper who had a "Hard Knock Life" in 1998.52431
(6/-3) 2016 CHICAGO CUBS SKYSCRAPERS--A 100-story Chicago skyscraper named for this signer of the Declaration of Independence adopted Cubs-themed lighting for the World Series.7638
(8/-4) GREAT PLAINS LITERATURE--Jim Burden recounts the story of the title daughter of Bohemian immigrants in Nebraska in this 1918 Willa Cather novel.55824
(10/-5) ETYMOLOGY: CZECH IT OUT--The term robot comes from this Czech playwright's R.U.R..48336

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