Native American history

(3/-1) Jeffery Amherst is credited with a 1763 plan to use blankets and a handkerchief to infect Native Americans with this devastating disease.8224
(6/-2) Excluded from the 14th Amendment, Native Americans were not given this until June 2, 1924.36466
(9/-3) Among those fighting against this Sauk warrior in a namesake 1832 war were future presidents Zachary Taylor and Abraham Lincoln.55627
(12/-4) The Standing Rock Sioux tribe protested this construction project passing near their reservation; the project was completed in 2017.551617
(15/-5) After the death of his father-in-law Mangas Coloradas, this Chiricahua Apache chief led raids from the Dragoon Mountains until his 1872 surrender.122650

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