Things you can do in 13 minutes

(3/-1) states that, "in 10 minutes a day", you can learn how to do this; also teaches it.79111
(6/-2) Kenenisa Bekele holds the world record, 12:37.35, for running this distance; it's also commonly run as a road race.7696
(9/-3) In May 2017, reported that this franchise was planning to deliver pizzas in Australia and New Zealand in not 30 but 10 minutes or less.8614
(12/-4) One of this organization's "ideas worth spreading" is doing nothing for 10 minutes, as presented by Andy Puddicombe in a 2012 talk.71020
(15/-5) In August 2017, published a video of this 1986 Nintendo action-adventure game where Samus is led to victory in 10:25.33454

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