Masterpiece Mystery!

By cmp146.

(3/-1) A modern update of this detective’s mysteries includes episodes like “A Study in Pink,” “The Six Thatchers,” and “The Final Problem.”79102
(6/-2) Based on the P. D. James novel of the same name, Death Comes to Pemberley is a sequel to this Jane Austen classic.59230
(9/-3) This Agatha Christie spinster always has her knitting needles handy while solving crimes like The Murder in the Vicarage.8902
(12/-4) This lead actor in Wallander earned Oscar nominations for director and lead actor in the film version of Henry V.67222
(15/-5) Kevin Whately plays the central character in this spin-off of Inspector Morse; Laurence Fox plays his assistant, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway.18370

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