The Middle

Each correct response is a two word phrase described by a clue. When the correct response fills the blanks in the middle, the first two words will form a phrase, as will the last two words. For example: if the clue is "Where antiques are appraised: country ___ ___ room", the correct response, "road show" would create the phrases "country road" and "show room".

(2/-1) Policy encouraging drop-in visits: wide ___ ___ prize9333
(4/-2) Urban-savvy: easy ___ ___ aleck9612
(6/-3) Theatrical runthrough: slip ___ ___ dinner9117
(8/-4) Khyber, e.g.: space ___ ___ away87210
(10/-5) King Gillette patented it in 1904: free ___ ___ thin67527

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