Numbered U.S. Highways

By Blue Lion.

(3/-1) U.S. 491 (formerly U.S. 666) passes close to this monument in the Southwest; no, it isn't named for Dean Smith’s infamous offense.561531
(6/-2) She sang of her hometown, Nutbush, Tennessee, on U.S. 19, where “the people keep the city clean.”242652
(9/-3) Of Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and St. Louis, the one where you can't “get your kicks on Route 66”472134
(12/-4) This city, the western terminus of U.S. 30, is named for a German-born tycoon who headed the American Fur Company. 54642
(15/-5) A monument at the crossroads of U.S. 49 and U.S. 61 marks the spot where, according to legend, this bluesman sold his soul.43257

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