TV Finales

(3/-1) Though not intended as a finale, the final episode of this CBS show has a failed attempt to convert the title radio station to an all-news format.9718
(6/-2) M*A*S*H's finale ends with a shot of rocks spelling this word.60541
(9/-3) In this NBC show's 1992 finale, Phylicia Rashad's character and her husband break the fourth wall and dance off stage through the crew.94111
(12/-4) This show's finale suggests that the setting, St. Eligius Hospital, may have been imagined by the autistic Tommy Westphall.89017
(15/-5) This setting is where Sam parted ways with Diane on Cheers and where, on Frasier, it's revealed that Frasier turned down a job to be with his girlfriend.17485

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