Inventions & Discoveries

(2/-1) To demonstrate his invention of the phonograph, in 1877 this prolific inventor recited "Mary had a little lamb" for recording on a tinfoil covered cylinder.10321
(4/-2) In an 1807 trial run, this inventor's steamboat went from New York to Albany in 32 hours.9628
(6/-3) In 1928, this Nobel Prize winner discovered that staphylococcus-free zones appeared around a mold culture he called penicillin.781216
(8/-4) When Wilson Greatbatch added the wrong resistor to a circuit, he got intermittent electrical pulses, leading to this implantable invention.9169
(10/-5) In an 1854 demo at New York's Crystal Palace, this inventor rode his elevator and had the rope cut--his safety brake stopped the fall.9529

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