Round One

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R1D1July 31, 2017Stranger things, Body talk
R1D2August 1, 2017Milk, Pen names
R1D3August 2, 2017Superhero films, Second nature
R1D4August 3, 2017The Civil War, The 1968 Summer Olympics
R1D5August 4, 201712-letter words, "A" in biology
R1D6August 4, 2017Law in the news, European archipelagos

Round Two

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R2D1August 7, 2017Heteronyms, Non-English poetry
R2D2August 8, 2017Inventions & Discoveries, Calendar women
R2D3August 9, 2017That's "B.S.", TV Finales
R2D4August 10, 2017A "Sen"-sational category, Spanish history
R2D5August 11, 20171-letter stock symbols, Numbered U.S. Highways
R2D6August 11, 2017Don't confuse..., Love of satellites

Round Three

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R3D1August 14, 2017The Middle, One-time Hitchcock actors
R3D2August 15, 2017The Toy Box, Don't touch that dial
R3D3August 16, 2017The Catch, Strictly for the birds
R3D4August 17, 2017Crossword clues "A", Presidential trivia
R3D5August 18, 2017Bee, Know your Canada...ian money
R3D6August 18, 2017Sea, Masterpiece Mystery!

Round Four

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R4D1August 21, 2017Eclipse, "Sol"ar eclipse
R4D2August 22, 2017Also a place in New Jersey, Kitty lit
R4D3August 23, 2017Mythological rhyme time, Censored movies
R4D4August 24, 2017Abbr., Rhode Island
R4D5August 25, 2017Complete the Liszt, Things you can do in 13 minutes
R4D6August 25, 2017The 1984 NBA Draft, Quantum mechanics

Round Five

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R5D1August 28, 2017Nobel laureates' other honors, Shakespeare
R5D2August 29, 2017Travel & tourism, I'm a glutton for nourishment
R5D3August 30, 2017Reformazing, Mikes on TV
R5D4August 31, 2017Before & after, Sing along with Calvin
R5D5September 1, 2017Inside the Summer Hiatus Challenge, Native American history
R5D6September 1, 2017Number please, Organic gemstones

Round Six

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
R6D1September 4, 2017You asked for it, "Tam" O'Shanter
R6D2September 5, 2017small state capitals, All about asbestos
R6D3September 6, 201770s television, The Mahabharata
R6D4September 8, 2017Colleges & universities, The "Naked" and the "Dead"
R6D5September 8, 2017Fandom, Song-birds
R6D6September 8, 2017You are the category, State of science

Tournament of Champions

DayPlay dateCategoriesThread
TOCD1September 13, 2017"Art", Painting
TOCD2September 14, 2017Ebert's best films of the year, Tough world capitals
TOCD3September 15, 2017Tool time, Anagram pairs
TOCD4September 16, 2017British literature, Three of a kind
TOCD5September 18, 201720th century Japan, The Beatles
TOCD6September 19, 2017It's over, New Testament names